Donald Trump Saves the World:

You are Donald Trump. Only you can save the world from an impending ISIS threat. Use your big brain, your excellent words, your reckless bravado -- and above all -- your amazing ability to select options from a menu, to stop ISIS terrorists from doing the unthinkable.

How to Play:

This game must be played in browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) but won't work in Chrome without a few tweeks.

Choose prompts. Just like Donald Trump, no choice you make is wrong. This isn't a Choose Your Own Adventure game. Don't worry!

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This game is a satire -- let's not have a War of the World-type scenario. Disney World is and continues to be the happiest place on Earth, the election is not over, and Donald Trump continues to dream up his own reality.

Known Issues:

- Chrome Browser: As your browser no-doubt told you, Unity doesn't play nice with the Chrome browser, so use Firefox or Internet Explorer.

- CONTENT: Occasionally, you might see "CONTENT" appear in game. We're currently looking into why this happens.

- Typos: Currently fixing typos as well! Note them in comments if you don't mind, but include a nice thought about the game too, so it's not all 'you don't know how to spell.'

Scrolling: Sometimes the scroll bar will jump up and you'll miss precious story! Don't panic! Just scroll back to read those juicy words.


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Haha, that was great! Loved the first action (Touch hair) and the twitter battle :) Oh and the music was really fitting too, particularly the first / credits slapstick-y theme.